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Add the finishing touch to your cocktails with the Spirdust® 1.5 gram black cocktail shimmer! Patrons will love the unique brilliance of this black shimmer that makes your cocktail menu stand out from the competition. Create your signature beverages with a sprinkle of this shimmer, without any additional, unwanted flavors taking away the profile of your drinks! Additionally, this colorant is odorless and does not stain teeth, is gluten-free, vegan, nut-free, and 100% edible, allowing you to have no concerns about adding this shimmer to your menu. Plus, it's worry-free when adding to beverages for customers with allergies or specialty diets!

To use, simply add a small amount to your drink, stir, and serve! It's that easy to create a fun, glimmering drink. You can also make your specialty syrup bases for cocktails with this stirred right in, allowing bartenders to skip a step and serve drinks more quickly to customers. This color can be mixed with other colors from the Spirdust® line to create infinite options. Customize colors to fit a specific color palate for an event, to celebrate certain holidays, or let customers choose their own to make a specialized, one-of-a-kind beverage.

As a premier brand under Roxy & Rich, Spirdust® has an extensive line of cocktail shimmers to create unparalleled brilliance for your beverages. Beginning in 2011, Roxy & Rich Inc. was founded on the passion to create beautifully colored chocolates, which led to the production of their edible cocoa butter colored products. Over the years, the company began to focus their mission on creating a wider range of food colorings that were edible and effective. Through constant innovation, unique scientific technology, and inspiration, Roxy & Rich has continued to expand its product portfolio of food colorings to deliver new and exciting products that provide instant, perfectly-blended color and a brilliant, lasting luster to foods.

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